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As work in Shreerangam is a quality chain that attached all departments together, and results in streamlined quality. The Shreerangam plant features world class Quality Control instruments for monitoring & maintaining quality at every  stage - Raw Material, Printing, Lamination, Corrugation, down to the finished product. We have set benchmarks for excellence in Designing, Printing & Packaging.

What is more, in keeping with its policy of transparent enterprising. Shreerangam shares the results of these QC processes with the clients, on specific demand.

A Compulsive:

Association with Quality:

Here's an overview of the Quality Analysis & Control processes that take place at each stage at Shreerangam, to ensure that its clients fetch unfailing quality each time, every time.

Raw Material Phase:

GSM Test, Bursting Factor Test, Tear Test, Moisture Test, Closs Test, Cob Value Test, RCT Test Stiffness Test, etc.

In Process Phase:

Rub Resistance Test, Gloss Test, UV Coating Test, and Densitometer Test (to check factors such as: Density, Colour Percentage, Dot Gain & Loss and Trapping). On-line Test (PH Control, Viscosity Control etc.)

Finished Product Phase:

Weight Test, Bursting Strength Test, Puncture Resistance Test, Compression Strength Test, Moisture Percentage Test, etc. Plus, tests are conducted on any parameters specified by the client, as per his requirements.

Quality is an attitude. The machines, the process, the procedures, all follow this attitude. And this attitude is more inborn, than statutory. You can buy all the equipment in world, but without the obsession inside, they will all stop short of the final mile to perfect quality.

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